OXClient-lib Roadmap

TODO for 0.1.0 release

  • logout from the current session
  • JavaDoc for at least the important classes and interfaces
  • Use Unitils for testing
  • Implement Logging with SLF4J
  • throw login exception and not just return null as session on ISessionFactory.login

Roadmap for releases till 1.0.0

[0.2.0] release

  • create folders and contacts
  • update folder and contacts
  • get the @RetryIt annotation running

[0.3.0] release reaching alpha state

  • user/group module for search and info
  • rights management
    • list ACLs of an object
    • change ACLs of an object
  • simple calendar module (only single appointments)

[0.4.0] release reaching beta state

  • support distribution lists in contact module
  • auto relogin on session timeout
  • batch request processing through the multiple module of the HTTP-API

[0.5.0] release first stable release

  • full calendar module
    • support for series
    • support for participants (user and resources)
    • free & busy
  • task module
  • complete user manual

[0.6.0] release

  • simple email module (without attachments)
  • support for object linking
  • support for public folders

[0.7.0] release

  • support file upload
    • attachments
    • email attachments
    • pictures for contacts

[0.8.0] release

  • full InfoStore module

[0.9.0] release

  • reminder support
  • Eventhandler through polling
    • new email
    • new/change/delete of calendar, task and contact objects

[1.0.0] release

  • full admin module (NO HTTP API - but through direct RMI with the admin daemon)

I hope I can manage the 0.5.0 release till the end of 2007. This roadmap isn't carved in stone, so it may be change.