Welcome to OXClient-lib

OXClient-lib is a Java library with a higher and lower API to connect to the Open-Xchange Community Edition via its HTTP API. The main focus is for use in rich client applications but there are also some helper classes for use in web applications.

The higher API gives you a full abstraction of the Open-Xchange HTTP API. You don't need to know anything about the HTTP API. You just deal with, hopefully, self explaining interfaces and classes. For a jump start with the higher API see the quickstart guide.

The lower API gives you the ability to communicate with the HTTP API in a simple query like way. You don't have to deal with http connections, request creation or parsing the response.

See the user manual for a full description and examples.

Usage Note

This API is in per alpha state! Don't use it in productive environments, because it will change in the near future. The first stable release will be the 0.5.0 release. See the roadmap for more details.


  • login and obtain session
  • load folders and contacts of a user

Because of the early state of development the feature list is very short, but please have a look at the roadmap.


August 29, 2007 first pre alpha release is out

the first pre alpha release 0.0.8 is out and can be downloaded.

Legal Note

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